UHustle is an online marketplace for college students who provide goods and services. UHustle gives hustlers* exposure  so they can earn additional income using their skills and talents. On the other side, customers can find affordable and accessible goods and services on campus and safely purchase from hustlers.

*College students with side hustles; students provide goods and services

Our Story

In her freshman year of college, Christy Felix (Founder and CEO) was having trouble growing her hair braiding business due to an inability to find customers. Because she depended on her side hustle to pay for her college education, it was important to find a new way to market to more students which is how the idea of UHustle formed. 

Since being found in October of 2018, UHustle has launched at Georgetown University and is now serving students in categories such as Food and Dessert, Fashion, Arts and Crafts, and more. 

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Protect Your Payments

Your payments only go to the hustler once they complete the service or deliver the product. If you don't get the service or product, your money goes directly back to you. If anything goes wrong, create a dispute with the hustler or UHustle will step in to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


UHustle helps college students gain exposure so they can make their passions their paychecks. We connect college students from all around the world with those looking for their products and services. If you are interested in our mission or want to learn more, follow us on social media!

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Chat with Hustlers

Our tools make it easy to connect with college students safely and efficiently. Get clarification on a listing by viewing common customer questions and answers, directly on the listing page. You can also chat with hustlers through our chat system and ask your questions privately.


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Established in 2020